Notes on playing the banjo uke (and the regular ukulele), as well as some of my favorite songs and videos, but mostly, you'll find information here on my particular obsession - the many models of banjo ukulele offered by Stromberg-Voisinet in the 1920's to 1931.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OK - so I said now and again I'd post some performance videos, and here we go.

Makalina arranged yet another great meet up at the Uke Hut here in New York City, in the shadow of the Empire State Building. Not only does she put together a great line up, she's kind enough to let me get up there with my old, old music, and even older jokes. Here's me singing a Fanny Brice parody, "The Sheik of Avenue B"

Makalina, Tom Gambino, Adrienne Pattino, my new friend Lauren LaRouge (all the way from Sydney, Australia!) and Khabu all performed. It was a real treat to get to hear these excellent players, let alone get up there myself.

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